Sankara has touched many lifes, old and young.  Here are some stories.

Ramulu Manupata gains financial independence

Mr Ramulu Manupata is a 65-year-old man from Sigirpudu village of Veldurthi Mandalam, Guntur District, AP. Mr Ramulu lost his vision in his left eye due to an accident 10 years ago and is managing currently with vision in only one eye. Mr Ramulu was a daily labourer working with bamboo to make baskets and other similar products. He also received a meager government pension of Rs 200 every month to make his ends meet. However since his vision became impaired over the years he left his job and became completely dependent on his both his daughter and daughter-in-law for daily support.

Mr Ramalu has encountered tragic incidences for the past two years. He lost his elder son in a major accident and his second son died after have a viral fever. It was during this period, he lost his wife too. He also had to face hardships with his irresponsible third son who would quarrel with him daily to get money for his liquor. In spite of all these problems he faced, he never gave up hope, and decided to take the responsibility of looking after his daughter In law and his grandchildren.

Due to his cataract in his right eye and nil vision in left eye he stopped working and became dependent on the income of her daughter in-law. One fine day Ramulu became determined to get his vision back. He went to the Guntur Government Hospital to Hostpial, knowing our expertise in the field.

Sankara Hospital gave Ramulu the treatment he needed and his vision was restored after getting operated. He thanked Sankara for giving him the Gift Of Vision to see the world again, which he never expected. Now he is very happy as he can now get back into his regular work and earn enough to support his family, instead of depending on them.