Sankara has touched many lifes, old and young.  Here are some stories.

Venumathy escapes social scorn

Venumathy’s mom, who was blamed for giving birth to only girl children, was afraid to reveal the truth about her daughter’s vision problems for fear of social scorn. Venumathy was slowly losing sight, and one day met with an accident when she edged closely to the pond she was playing near and toppled into the water. Luckily she was rescued. However, in doing so, the truth about her vision was revealed. The mother and father anxiously looked for hope everywhere and found it at the Sankara Eye Camp in Kalakurchi (Villipurum district). Venumathy was diagnosed with nuclear cataract and operated successfully at the Sankara Eye Hospital, Coimbatore. When the parents were asked for reaction about their daughter’s new life with the gift of vision, they were overwhelmed with happiness and could only nod with misty eyes.