Double your Donation!

Great News:Johnson & Johnson is matching funds up to $250 per person so, if a couple donates $250 individually, for a total of $500, this will be matched by J&J, making it $1,000, and the couple can become Founding Donor and have their name on the Wall of Founders at one of the upcoming hospital.

The donation with matching funds is processed by Caring Crowd

In addition, many of the companies match donations, which can double the impact and reduce your out of pocket contribution.

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Gyarsi Devi

Mrs. Gyarsi Devi, a resident of Neem Ka Thana near Jaipur has had a tough life since she was young. Her husband had a heart attack before his 30th birthday and passed away, leaving her all alone. She ended up taking care of her brother-in-law’s children and also worked in the farmland to fulfill her daily needs.