Gyarsi Devi

Gyarsi Devi

Mrs. Gyarsi Devi, a resident of Neem Ka Thana near Jaipur has had a tough life since she was young. Her husband had a heart attack before his 30th birthday and passed away, leaving her all alone. She ended up taking care of her brother-in-law’s children and also worked in the farmland to fulfill her daily needs.

After sometime, the children moved  on and she lived on her own on government pension of Rs. 500 with no support from her family. On top of all her struggles, she started losing her vision. Living on meagre pension, she couldn’t afford any treatment; life became miserable for her and she had to rely on others to help her out.

Luckily for her, Sankara Eye Hospital in Jaipur organized a “Gift of Vision” community outreach camp in Neem Ka Thana area. The local co-sponsors and filed workers covered all villages in the area and Gyarsi Devi was identified as one such individual needing help with her vision. Nonetheless, she initially refused to be examined. After the field workers gave her more information about the free treatment available to her, she agreed to be checked at the Sankara eye camp. There, she was diagnosed with mature cataract in both eyes and was recommended that she be transferred to the base hospital for treatment.

Along with other villagers, she was taken to the Jaipur Hospital where she successfully underwent cataract surgery and her vision was restored. Today, Gyarsi Devi is very grateful to the Sankara doctors and staff for giving her vision for free and helping her get her independence back so she cam manage her normal household chores on her own.

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